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Team Architrave

team architrave – a designer practice in Colombo, Sri Lanka

About Team Architrave

Team Architrave is a distinguished design practice based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, specializing in personalized and contextually responsive designs. Our expertise spans a variety of niches, including:

  • Personalized Single-Family Homes
  • Eco-Responsive Boutique Hotels
  • Contextually Responsive Urban Infill Projects
  • Innovative Retail and Office Facilities
  • Specialized Interiors

Achievements and Recognition

Team Architrave has garnered significant acclaim, winning 9 Design Awards and 4 Colour Awards from the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. Our award-winning projects encompass personalized houses, interiors, office buildings, and the creative reuse of older structures. Our work has been featured in prominent publications both locally and internationally, such as:

– Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture
– Beyond Bawa
– Architectural Review
– Architectural Design
– A+U
– Asian Design Destinations

Notable competition victories include the Jaffna Cultural Centre (2010) and the new wing of the Colombo Town Hall (1999).


Team Architrave is led by **Madhura Prematilleke**, an accomplished architect educated at Moratuwa and Helsinki. Madhura’s extensive experience spans across Sri Lanka, Finland, India, China, Oman, and the Maldives.

**Team Architrave** is committed to delivering unique and innovative design solutions, making us a leader in the field of personalized and eco-responsive architecture.


  • Build less – slim the program

  • Build ON less – reduce the footprint, grow trees

  • Build in and out – dissolve barriers between inside and outside

  • Build slender – reduce mass, get slim, make natural light and ventilation possible

  • Build robust – lets go to ruin gracefully, reduce the need for maintenance

  • Build light – lightweight structures, layers and skin: touch the earth lightly

  • Build on what’s leftover – adapt the existing, bring history to life

  • Build ordinary – seek out the beautiful in the everyday, regular is the new special

  • Build safe, not sterile – kill hazard, don’t kill joy

  • Build local – feed off local material, local skills

  • Build interim – affordable now, grow later

  • Build hope, not ambition – architecture should offer hope to grow, not be heavy with ambition

  • Build need, not greed – necessity is cool, excess sucks

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