Team Architrave is a designer practice in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with a focus on specialist niches in personalized design. Key project areas include personalized single family homes, eco-responsive boutique-style hotels, contextually responsive urban infill, innovative retail and office facilities, and specialized interiors.

Team Architrave has won 9 Design Awards and 4 Colour Awards from the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects for personalized houses, interiors, office buildings and the creative re-use of older structures . Our work has been published internationally and locally, including in the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Beyond Bawa, Architectural Review, Architectural Design, A+U, and Asian Design Destinations. Competition wins include the Jaffna Cultural Centre (2010) and the new wing of the Colombo Town Hall (1999).

Team Architrave is lead by Madhura Prematilleke. Madhura studied architecture at Moratuwa and Helsinki, and has practised in Sri Lanka, Finland, India, China, Oman and the Maldives.